Do you want more reservations?

Offer your guests breakfast!

Guests often look for a bed and breakfast. Offer them this option. Your guest books a stay with breakfast and pays for it - you don't have to do anything! We will take care of the preparation and delivery of the meal, and the entire process is fully automated - all in order to save your time and maximize your profits.

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Why is it worth offering breakfast?

When looking for accommodation, guests often indicate that they are only interested in the option with breakfast. If you don't offer breakfast, your property won't appear in search results at all!

Offering breakfast is a simple way to increase the visibility of your apartment on booking portals. You get more valuable bookings and satisfied customers, the cost of the meal is covered by the guest, and we provide this service!

Contactless delivery

Breakfasts are delivered to your guests every morning, directly to the apartment's door.

Taking care of the health and safety of your customers, we provide contactless delivery, and all our packaging is tightly closed.

Tasty and healthy

Meals are prepared by professional chefs in kitchens that meet all the standards required in gastronomy. All dishes look as attractive as they taste delicious. Your guests will surely appreciate them!

Opinions of our clients

Many guests asked me about the possibility of ordering breakfast, but without ś I would not be able to offer them such a service. "


120 orders

"Now that my guests can book an overnight stay with breakfast, I can compete with hotels that offer a similar standard but at a higher price."


210 orders

"Since I offer breakfast, my apartment is rented more and I don't have much more work for it."


200 orders

“Finally, with the offer of my apartment, I reach the whole mass of guests who are interested in an accommodation with breakfast. Adding breakfasts to my offer has really translated into the number of bookings. "


110 orders

“I did not think that adding breakfast could increase the interest in my apartment so much. Apparently so far my offer has not been interesting for many guests at all. "


140 orders

“I did not want to add breakfast to my offer, because it always seemed to me that it would require my commitment and time. It turned out, however, that it is very easy to understand with ś "


170 orders

“It can be summed up this way: adding breakfast to my apartment's offer did not add to my work at all. They made a reservation for that. "


205 orders

"If I had known that thanks to such a simple matter as breakfasts, my apartment would gain so many new customers, I would have decided long ago to offer them for the night."


175 orders

“I know that my apartment can compete with the hotel offer, but still I felt I didn't have as many reservations as I could have. Breakfast turned out to be the key to success. Now I offer what hotels do, but at a better price and with a more individual style. "


95 orders

“Even my regular guests, who booked my apartment in advance, really appreciate having breakfast on site. I definitely feel that extending the offer with breakfasts was a very good step. "


105 orders

“My biggest fear was that I would have more organizational work through breakfast. Fortunately, this was avoided. "


100 orders

“I had so many questions about breakfast that I finally decided to meet my customers. It was a very good decision, I have many more reservations now. "


165 orders