Frequently Asked Question

How much it costs?

The prices of our breakfasts start from PLN 30 including delivery costs. Remember that the cost of breakfast can be fully covered by your guests!

What do I have to do on my part?

You must inform us about your breakfast reservations. It is very easy. Just log in to your customer panel and enter the delivery dates and type of breakfast. Information about ordered breakfasts can be found in the booking details on websites such as You don't have to worry about anything. We will teach you everything!

How does the information about ordering breakfasts reach you?

Information about breakfast goes to us through the customer panel where you place orders. Orders should be placed no later than 21:00 on the day preceding the delivery.

Who is responsible for the preparation and delivery of breakfasts?

The professional chefs cooperating with us take care of preparing breakfasts. Then they are transferred to a delivery company, which delivers fresh breakfasts to the apartment door every morning.

What do breakfasts consist of?

We offer 3 types of breakfast. The current composition of breakfast sets is visible in the customer panel. A typical set consists of: baguette, jam, butter, honey, cold cuts, cheese, yoghurt, croissant, orange juice.

Can guests choose between different sets?

To make our offer simple and clear, we offer 3 breakfast sets: continental, fit, vegan.

What time is breakfast delivered?

Breakfasts are delivered every morning between 5:00 and 7:00.

Can guests order a specific time delivery?

No, breakfasts are delivered every morning within the specified time window.

Should individual wishes be taken into account, such as gluten-free, vegetarian dishes, without specific allergens?

We offer 3 types of breakfast. There is a vegan option among them. We are working on introducing more options.

How can the guest order breakfast?

The easiest way is to order breakfast by selecting "breakfast included" on the booking portal. It is also possible to buy breakfast on the booking portal, e.g. after the booking has been made. Our experts will help you configure your offer on booking portals so that it is visible to your guests.

How can the guest order breakfast?

In the booking confirmation on the booking portal, you will see whether the guest has decided to stay alone or overnight with breakfast. We will show you everything during the consultation!

How and when is the payment collected from the Guest?

Payment from the guest is charged exactly in the same way as the payment for the overnight stay.

How do I pay for ordered breakfasts?

You charge the guest for breakfast through the booking portal. We, however, charge the same amount to your payment card 48 hours before the delivery of the meal.

Can I include breakfast in the cost of running my business?

Of course! Invoices for the services we provide are available in your Customer Panel.

By what time should the order be placed to be processed?

Orders should be placed no later than 21:00 on the day preceding the delivery.

Delicious and healthy

Breakfasts are prepared by professional chefs in kitchens that meet all the standards required in gastronomy. Food looks as good as it tastes. Lick your fingers!